About Us

About Us

We are an Anglican Church planted in Secret Harbour to reach out to this community and beyond. For many years we had been hidden away in rental  properties working towards being able to build the church home so that we have a base for our people to outreach from.

In 2016 we built a church building at 9 Clarkshill Rd Secret Harbour along with an Opportunity shop that can meet a need within the region.

The area we encompass is from Port Kennedy in the North to Mandurah in the South.

Our parish priest is the Revd Canon Bill Byleveld who joined us in September 2013 from the Parish of Oyster Harbour in Albany WA. Bill was the priest there for 12 years an saw that church grow from humble beginnings to a vibrant community which is what we are in the process of doing here at Secret Harbour.

We would like to invite you to join with us on this exiting journey.

Secret Harbour Anglican Church Vision and Mission

Identity Statement

We are a community built on God’s love and care. Working at growing into his likeness and sharing his love with the wider community.

In setting the Vision we held a visioning day at the church premises where all who could attend were encouraged to be part of setting of this time aside to seek God’s direction for the church.

At Secret Harbour our vision consists of 3 clear components.

Values:- This is where our vision begins. Everything we do flows naturally out of our values
Purpose:- This expresses in simple and broad terms why we exist and what makes us unique.
Mission:- This is a clear overall goal that we are working towards and expect to achieve.

Our Core Values

All Involved

  • That is from the youngest to the oldest
  • In discovering and developing our gifts
  • In giving as much as we receive In developing a servant culture
  • In particular through small groups and celebrations
  • We value variety in everything
  • Boldness in risk taking
  • Grace in failing Strength in weakness Growth in developing
  • Training in excellence
  • A willing and generous spirit
  • A grateful and encouraging heart

Becoming Disciples

  • That is from the cradle to the grave
  • Focused on Jesus
  • Centred on biblical revelation
  • Applied practically and personally
  • Bearing more and more fruit
  • We value Learning for the whole of life
  • Teaching that is systematic and inspirational
  • Application that enables response
  • Mentoring that is focused and full of encouragement Training that is relevant, practical and varied
  • The enquiring mind
  • The open heart
  • The passionate spirit
  • Seeking God in all things
  • Creating Community
  • That is All age and all types Welcoming and inclusive Relaxed and informal
  • Affirming and empowering
  • Creative and charismatic
  • Supportive and safe
  • United yet diverse
  • We value Relationships that are unconditionally loving, open and real, honest and vulnerable.
  • Mutual acceptance, submission, forgiveness and accountability.
  • Doing Evangelism
  • That is True to God’s word
  • True to the Spirits leading
  • True to our culture (i.e. being relevant)
  • True to ourselves (i.e. being natural)
  • True to our calling (i.e. being obedient)
  • We value The importance of every Christian taking every opportunity – being intentional, courageous, sensitive and wise.

Encountering God

  • Through the combined power of word and spirit
  • Worship and community
  • Prophecy and prayer
  • Faith and feeling
  • Mind and heart
  • Receiving and sacrifice
  • Hunger and expectancy Praise and confession
  • Waiting and watching
  • Openness and desire
  • We value variety and flexibility
  • Contemporary and traditional
  • Spontaneity and structure.

Our Purpose

  • To pioneer a new future in the Comet Bay Region
  • By proclaiming the kingdom of God in action and word to 21st century people.
  • By developing the resources for a strong Church base from which we can outreach from.
  • Calling people to commit to Jesus and the purposes of Christ, through personal salvation and social justice.
  • Renewing the inherited church and developing the church in this region
  • Focusing strategically and equally on neighbourhoods and networks.
  • Embracing a culture of change, for church and society.

Our Mission

  • In the short term to build a spiritual home for the congregation in Secret Harbour – Now Completed
  • To grow the church congregation to 100 regular attending church families in the next 5 years.
  • To equip the disciples of Jesus to begin 5 new outreach/ministries and birth 10 new small groups linked to Secret Harbour Anglican Church by 2018.
  • Plant 1 new church in the Diocese of Bunbury by 2020 with the blessings of the Bishop.